Francoise Chambon was born in Davoy, France, on March 6, 1841. Her parents were poor farmers, and life was not easy. Francoise, for the most part, kept her visions to herself. She bided her time and when she was 20 years old, she entered the Monastery of the Visitation Order in nearby Chambery. This was when she was given the name Marie-Martha.

It was Good Friday in 1850 when Francoise Chambon reported her first vision of Jesus. She was with her godmother at Good Friday services when the vision occurred. She reported that she saw Jesus, on the cross, covered in blood and His body having many wounds. She was nine years old. Later on during that year, upon receiving her first Holy Communion, she again saw Jesus, who told her, “My child, so it will be every time you go to Holy Communion.”

Marie-Martha was favoured with many supernatural visions during her life.

Marie-Martha began to have visions of Jesus in which He would ask her to contemplate The Holy Wounds. Jesus would teach her specific prayers and meditations. Her Mother Superior began to chronicle Marie’s life, and this was published in 1923 and sold worldwide. The following year the Vatican granted an indulgence to those who said the following prayer, which was based on her reported visions: “Eternal Father I offer the Wounds of Our Lord Jesus Christ, to heal the wounds of our souls.”

Jesus wanted her to unite her sufferings with His in the Rosary of the Holy Wounds. This would be done as an Act of Reparation for the sins of the world and the Souls in Purgatory.

On 25 September 1867, the Superior realised that Sister Maria-Martha felt very ill, and forced her to go to bed.

As soon as she lay down, a voice told her inwardly: I want to keep you here three days in honour of the three Divine Persons.

All the splendours of the heaven poured into the humble cell, where the Sister M. Martha lay down. 

FIRST DAY On the 26 Sept 1867 at the Sanctus of the Mass, Sister M. Martha was rapt in ecstasy: Eternal Father presented a magnificent altar and showing her Jesus said to her: “I give you the ONE you offer me so often.” I associate you with my Angels, know that you have more power than them, since you can unceasingly offer me the Holy Wounds of My Divine Son for sinners, while they contemplate them only.

SECOND DAY  Sister M. Martha was transported in spirit to the Cave of Bethlehem. Infant Jesus appeared to her lying down in the manger, St. Joseph and the Angels contemplated Him in silent adoration. The Blessed Virgin Mary took the Infant Jesus and placed it in the arms of Sister M. Martha and said: My daughter, I give HIM to you as I have given it to the world!

THIRD DAY Sister M. Marta saw still in rapture, the Holy Trinity surrounded by the Celestial Court. GOD The Father invited her to contemplate His Crucified Son, and made her understand the value of “The Holy Wounds of Jesus.”

At the same time, in a ray of light, which rose from the earth to Heaven, she clearly saw her “Mission” and how she should offer the Merits of the “Holy Wounds of Jesus, for Salvation of the Whole World.”

Francis de Sales, the founding father of the Visitation Order, appeared to confirm the certainty of her Mission and said God has chosen you to complete the devotion to the Sacred Heart; the Heart of Jesus was shown to my daughter Margaret Mary and the Holy Wounds Devotion to my little Mary Martha! 

The Blessed Virgin Mary came on the The Feast of The Visitation confirming her Mission and said your Blessed Sister Margaret Mary, has introduce the Sacred Heart of my Son, to give it to the world … and you, my daughter, you are chosen to appease the Divine Justice of God, by offering up the merits of the Passion and the Holy Wounds of my only beloved Son Jesus. If you want riches, you must go and draw them into the Holy Wounds of my Son…

All the lights of the Holy Spirit come out of the Wounds of Jesus; but you will receive these gifts in proportion to your humility… I am your Mother and I tell you: go and draw from the Wounds of my Son!

Our Lord said “I have chosen you to awaken the Devotion to My Holy Passion in the unhappy times you live in.”

Then showing her His Holy Wounds, like an open book, the good Master added: Do not look away from this book and you will learn more than the greatest scholars. The Prayer to the Holy Wounds encompasses everything.

Another time, during the month of June, while she was prostrated at the feet of the Blessed Sacrament, Our Lord, opening His Sacred Heart, as the source of all the other wounds, still insisted:

“I have chosen my faithful servant. Margaret Mary to let My Divine Heart known, and my humble Mary Martha to introduce the Devotion to My Holy Wounds!

In another circumstance: “Your Mission, Jesus said, is to make Myself Known and Loved through My Holy Wounds, especially in the future.

I want, with this devotion, not only to save the souls with whom you live, but many more!

My daughter, you are the Channel of My Graces. Know that the channel has nothing from itself, it has only what flows in it.

I have chosen you to awaken the devotion and the Merits of My Holy Passion for all…

By this means, the world will be saved and also by the hands of My Immaculate Mother! 


“My daughter, do you recognise the treasure of the world!

My daughter, every time you offer My Father the Merits of My Divine Wounds, you gain immense fortune.

You are like the one who finds a great treasure in the earth; but since you cannot preserve this wealth, God takes it back, and so does My divine Mother, to make it, at the moment of death and apply its merits to the souls who needs it: for you must make the riches of My Holy Wounds bear fruit.

You must not remain poor, since your Father is very rich! … Your wealth is My Holy Passion!

He who is in need, must come with faith and confidence, and you must constantly draw in from the Treasure of My Passion and of My Sacred Wounds..!  This treasure belongs to you! … 

Everything is here, except hell!

One of My creatures betrayed Me and sold My Blood, but you can easily buy it back drop by drop..! A single drop is enough to purify the earth … and you do not think about it. You do not know its value!

The executioners did well by piercing My Side, My hands and My feet, since they opened fountains from which flow the Waters of My Mercy forever.

“My Father is delights in the offering of My Sacred Wounds and the Sorrows of My Divine Mother. To offer My Wounds to the Eternal Father is to offer Him, His glory, to offer Heaven to Heaven.”

That’s enough to pay for all those who have debts! By offering to My Father, the Merits of My Holy Wounds, you satisfied the sins of men. 

Jesus presses her and urges us with her to resort to this Treasure: It is necessary to entrust everything to My Divine Wounds and work with their Merits for the Salvation of Souls. If there is someone who does not want to come to My wounds, you, my daughter, have to get him there.

It is necessary to come to My Wounds with a warm heart, very ardent and to pray with great fervour, the aspirations to obtain the graces you request.

He asks us to do it with a lively faith and confidently: In contemplation of My Wounds, you find everything for yourself and for others. One must ask for constancy in the love of My Wounds, for they are the source of all graces.

The Wounds of My Holy Feet are an Ocean. Bring Me all My creatures here; these openings are big enough to accommodate them all.

He asks us to do it with an Apostolic Spirit, and without ever getting tired. It will take you a long time to establish this devotion, Work with Courage

“Offer me your actions and those of others, united to My Holy Wounds, nothing can make them more meritorious, nor more pleasing to My eyes. There are incomprehensible riches, even in the smallest ones.”

You are a worker who work in the field of the Lord: with My Wounds, you earn a great deal without suffering.

It is necessary to invoke them often … to attract souls … It is necessary to talk about it and return to it frequently, – in order to imprint this devotion to souls.

All the words spoken about My Holy Wounds, delights Me, an indescribable pleasure! I count them all.

One day, after this ardent invitation: You must apply yourself to heal My Wounds by contemplating My Wounds.

My Holy Wounds supports the world. Pray for The Holy Wounds to be Spread Worldwide.

Sister M Martha saw From the Wounds of Jesus, Five Rays of Light, Five Rays of Glory that surrounded the Globe…