Painting of the Jesus Crucified with a soul embracing His Feet which Fra Leopoldo saw in 1893 in the Castello at Viale d’Asti



 “My Sacred Wounds are the remedy for the future.  There is nothing else that can save them.” 

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What infinite riches are concealed within My Holy Wounds!  Draw deeply from the Fount of Graces.  You will never exhaust it.  It will never dry up, just as My Love never dries up and My Mercy outlasts all things. Let every soul receive Healing in My Holy Wounds.  For all, I was ready to Sacrifice My life; for all, I prayed to the Father for grace and reconciliation.  To all I offer the Love of My Heart, and I will never cease to do so.  Let no one be lost.  Nothing is impossible to Love. It can and will Fight for every Soul and Love will be Victorious!


Jesus to Sister Franziska Maria of the Crucified Love, a 20th century German Carmelite Mystic
from the book “By His Wounds You Are Healed”