Given to St Pio, San Giovanni Rotondo, 1965 

O Jesus, through the abundance of Thy love, and in order to overcome our hardheartedness, Thou pourest out torrents of Thy graces over those who reflect on Thy most Sacred Sorrow in the Garden of Gethsemane, and who spread devotion to Thee. I pray Thee, move my soul and my heart to think often, at least once a day, of Thy most bitter Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane, in order to communicate with Thee and to be united with Thee as closely as possible.

O blessed Jesus, Thou, who carried the immense burden of our sins that night, and atoned for them fully; grant me the most perfect gift of complete repentant love over my numerous sins, for which Thou didst sweat blood.

O blessed Jesus, for the sake of Thy most bitter struggle in the Garden of Gethsemane, grant me final victory over all temptations, especially over those to which I am most subject.

O suffering Jesus, for the sake of Thy inscrutable and indescribable agonies, during that night of betrayal, and of Thy bitterest anguish of mind, enlighten me, so that I may recognise and fulfil Thy will; grant that I may ponder continually on Thy heart-wrenching struggle and on how Thou didst emerge victoriously, in order to fulfil, not Thy will, but the will of Thy Father.

Be Thou blessed, O Jesus, for all Thy sighs on that holy night; and for the tears which Thou didst shed for us.

Be Thou blessed, O Jesus, for Thy sweat of blood and the terrible agony, which Thou didst suffer lovingly in coldest abandonment and in inscrutable loneliness.

Be Thou blessed, O sweetest Jesus, filled with immeasurable bitterness, for the prayer which flowed in trembling agony from Thy Heart, so truly human and divine.

Eternal Father, I offer Thee all the past, present, and future Masses together with the blood of Christ shed in agony in the Garden of Sorrow at Gethsemane.

Most Holy Trinity, grant that the knowledge, and thereby the love, of the agony of Jesus on the Mount of Olives will spread throughout the whole world.

Grant, O Jesus, that all who look lovingly at Thee on the Cross, will also remember Thy immense Suffering on the Mount of Olives, that they will follow Thy example, learn to pray devoutly and fight victoriously, so that, one day, they may be able to Glorify Thee eternally in Heaven. Amen. 


Our Lord Jesus Christ made these promises to devotees of The Agony of Jesus on the Mount of Olives:

 To all those who remember My Agony, with love and devotion, at least once a day: forgiveness of all sins and the certainty of salvation for their souls in the hour of their death.

Total and everlasting repentance to those who will have a Mass celebrated in honour of My Agonising Suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Success in spiritual matters to all those, who impress on others, love and devotion to My Agonies on the Mount of Olives.

Finally, and in order to prove to you that I want to break open a dam of My Heart so as to let flow a flood of My Graces, I promise those who spread this devotion to My Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane, the following 3 graces:

total and final victory over the worst temptation to which they are subjected;

direct power to save poor souls from purgatory;

great enlightenment and strength to fulfil My Will.

All of these, My precious gifts, I will definitely give to those who carry out what I have said, and who, therefore, remember and venerate with love and sympathy, My great, incomprehensible Agony on the Mount of Olives.