“Then Pilate took Jesus and scourged Him.”
John 19:1

O Jesus, my Bridegroom, Thou glory of Heaven, my heart is down with sorrow as I behold Thee delivered into the hands of infamous wretches!

O humiliation of my Redeemer, I see now Thou dost give power and permission to these criminals to bruise most unmercifully Thy pure, virginal Body, and to shed Thy Precious Blood!

Come, O ye Angels of Heaven, be present at this painful scene! And if it is not granted thee to deliver thy King from the cruel maltreatment of man, come at least to weep over Him!

Beloved Jesus, Thy garments are roughly torn from Thee.  Bowing Thy head and blushing from shame, Thou dost await this frightful torture. Now the fiendish executioners pounce upon Thee, O innocent Lamb of God! 

This one strikes Thy back, another Thy side, and another Thy limbs. Ah, already Thy Sacred Body is one wound; already Thy Precious Blood stains the scourges and the arms of the hangmen; already it besprinkles the pillar and ground. 

Stroke after stroke, lash after lash, cuts and mangles Thine immaculate flesh, O innocent Jesus, and Thy sacred Blood flows in streams. 

Now they turn Thee around and strike Thy breast, Thy whole sacred Body; yea, even Thine adorable head; Thy beautiful countenance is not spared from blows. 

O Thou Joy of Angels, Thou Bliss of the Elect, who could treat Thee so inhumanly? Who has so cruelly lacerated Thee, O virginal flesh! Alas, it is I! Thou dost suffer the punishment due to my sins. 

O Son of God, Thou great Lover of my soul, how is it possible that Thou, O Lord of Infinite Majesty, couldst so much love me, a despicable creature, that Thou wouldst for me submit to the agonising tortures of the scourging? 

God is scourged for me! In expiation for my sins, He is crushed and wounded, torn and mangled from head to foot, so that there remains no sound spot on His sacred Body! 

O guiltless Jesus, never will I belong to those who look with indifference upon their God torn with scourges. I will compassionate Thy sufferings, my Saviour; I will reflect on the boundless love with which my most loving Redeemer endured these untold tortures for love of me. 

Hail, loving Jesus! I venerate the cruel Wounds and Sacred Blood of Thy most painful scourging. To Thee be all praise, all thanksgiving, and all love, for evermore!

V. He was wounded for our iniquities. 
R. He was bruised for our sins

Let Us Pray 
I adore Thee most profoundly, O insulted Saviour, suffering such great ignominy at the pillar of scourging. Pardon me and wash away my sins in Thy Blood. I detest them because by them I have scourged Thee and insulted Thine infinite goodness. Preserve me, I beseech Thee, from every sin against holy purity; sanctify my soul and body, that I may be a living temple of the Holy Spirit, Thou Who livest and reignest world with- out end. Amen.



Jesus, in Thy cruel scourging in which Thou shed Thy Blood most painfully and abundantly, offering it to Thine Eternal Father in payment for our impatience and our wantonness, how is it, then, that we do not curb our wrath and self-love? Oh! let us henceforth try to be more patient in our trials, to cultivate self-control, and to bear in peace the injuries that men do us.

O Jesus, Thou art the Love and Life of my soul. I find true peace and real happiness only in Thy love, in Thy service, and in the imitation of Thy virtues. I offer myself to Thee; do what Thou willest with me; henceforth my motto shall be, “All for Jesus!”